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Google Urchin Software (Screenshot)

Seit gestern kann man die Urchin Software von Google hier downloaden. Die Software kann im Grunde alles was Google Analytics auch zu bieten hat. Die Reports etc. sehen identisch aus. Die Trial-Version gibt es momentan für Windows, FreeBSD und Linux. Ab Installation hat man dann 3 Monate Zeit diese ausgiebig zu testen.

Kurzbeschreibung von Google:

Urchin is suitable for organizations that have content behind a security firewall or have other restrictions that prevent them from using the Google Analytics service. Urchin is also useful for those who want to perform ad-hoc historical log processing, who want to store their web analytics on local servers, and those requiring third-party data audits. Urchin Software from Google features the following upgrades from Urchin 5, among many others:

• More accurate geo-identification of visitors
• Cross-segmentation options similar to Google Analytics
• E-commerce and campaign tracking included (no longer requiring additional modules)
• Vastly improved embedded scheduler to more easily manage processing and re-processing jobs
• Improved user interface
• More robust log processing engine

Via: Google Analytics Blog

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