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European countries with the highest Internet penetration

Unlike the previous chart, which was bound to be ruled by the more populous countries, the Internet penetration is independent of population size. In fact, it may even be easier for relatively small countries to do well here since the infrastructure demands are smaller in scale.

Top 20 countries in Europe in terms of Internet penetration

In terms of Internet penetration, the Scandinavian countries are doing extremely well. The top three countries are all Scandinavian (Iceland, Norway and Sweden) as well as number five and seven (Denmark and Finland).

You can also see how some of the smallest countries have made an entrance here, such as Iceland (population: 309,000), Andorra (population: 84,525), Monaco (population: 30,586) and Liechtenstein (population: 35,002). As we mentioned above, since their inhabitants cover a very small landmass, they don’t have to deal with a lot of infrastructure issues more widespread countries need to think of.

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