Video: Foursquare check-ins show the pulse of New York City and Tokyo

Foursquare Check-ins in New York und Tokyo:

[vimeo 62289901 w=530]

Every day, millions of people check in on Foursquare. We took a year’s worth of check-ins in New York City and Tokyo and plotted them on a map. Each dot represents a single check-in, while the straight lines link sequential check-ins.

What you can see here represents the power of check-in data — on Foursquare, every city around the world pulses with activity around places every hour of every day.

The Street Aesthetic of New York City, Paris and Berlin

Schon etwas älter aber trotzdem schön gemacht:

How can we capture the magic and colour of the streets of incredible cities like New York City, Paris, Berlin. A series of videos created and edited by Christian Andersen attempt to do just that without any frills or fuss, capturing many of the aspects that create a successful and exciting street.

If you have longed to travel to any of these cities, these videos are certainly a nudge in the right direction. New York City anyone?

[vimeo 31916136 w=530]

Die Videos von New York und Paris.

Via: Future Cape Town