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Neue öffentliche DNS Server

Jetzt gibt es eine Alternative für die Google DNS-Server ( & von Quad9 (IBM). Ich habe die gerade mal getestet und die sind in meinem Fall sogar schneller als die von Google oder OpenDNS.
Quad9 stellt nicht nur einfach öffentliche DNS-Server zu Verfügung, sondern bietet auch gleich ein Latte an Features für diese an. Folgende DNS-Server stellt Quad9 Euch zu Verfügung:

DNS-IPv6: 2620:fe::fe
Features: Malware Blocklist, DNSSEC, No EDNS Client-Subnet

DNS-IPv6: 2620:fe::10
Features: No blocklist, no DNSSEC, send EDNS Client-Subnet

DNS-IPv6: 2620:fe::11
Features: noch unklar

DNS-IPv6: 2620:fe::12
Features: noch unklar

Wer mal die Performance seiner DNS-Server checken will, der sollte dich mal DNSdiag oder/und namebench (Windows, Mac, Linux) von Google anschauen.

The Social Media Brandsphere

Schön strukturierte Infografik von Brain Solis an JESS3 die den Zusammenhang zwischen Social Media und Marketing zeigt:

Social Media Brandsphere

Social networks and channels present brands with a broad array of media opportunities to engage customers and those who influence them. Each channel offers a unique formula for engagement where brands become stories and people become storytellers. Using a transmedia approach, the brand story can connect with customers differently across each medium, creating a deeper, more enriching experience. Transmedia storytelling doesn’t follow the traditional rules of publishing; it caters to customers where they connect and folds them into the narrative. In any given network, brands can invest in digital assets that span five media landscapes:

1. Paid: Digital advertising, banners, adwords, overlays

2. Owned: Created assets, custom content

3. Earned: Brand-related conversations and user-generated content

4: Promoted: in-stream or social paid promotions vehicles e.g. Twitter’s Promoted products and Facebook’s Sponsored Stories

5. Shared: Open platforms or communities where customers co-create and collaborate with brands. e.g. Dell’s IdeaStorm and Starbuck’s MyStarbucksIdea.

Any combination of the five media strategies defines a new Brandsphere where organizations can capture attention, steer online experiences, spark conversations and word of mouth can help customers address challenges or create new opportunities. Each media channel connects differently with people and thus requires a dedicated approach integrating tangible and intangible value. Doing so ensures a critical path for social media content: relevance, reach and resonance.

via New Infographic: The Brandsphere by Brian Solis and JESS3 Brian Solis.