Linux: Handy Varnish commands

Experimentiere gerade etwas mit Varnish und da sind die Befehle ganz nützlich:

See what Varnish is currently processing.

varnishtop -i RxHeader -I ^Referer
Show the referer (sic) header for requests.

varnishtop -b -i TxURL
Shows requests made to the backend (-b) where the line matches (-i) the transmit URL (TxURL). Basically, shows you what is being passed to the backend and isn???t being cached. It will list all requests going to a backend, grouped by URL and sorted by a decaying average of frequency. Basically the number on the left should be single-digit and preferably all 1s or less (a higher number means the backend request is taking place frequently). [Technically, you don’t even need the „-b“ as the TxURL is only set when making requests to the backend anyway]

Shows a histogram chart of the last 1,000 requests (by default) to the Varnish proxy showing ???|??? as a ???hit??? on the cache and ???#??? as a miss. The more ???|??? to the left of the chart, the better. The scale on the bottom is in seconds with 1e0 being ???1??? second and 1e-6 being 0.000001seconds (1e-1 being 0.1seconds). The vertical scale is shown in the top left hand corner.

Shows various information about varnish ??? I???m sure I???ll figure out what they mean in time???

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