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The Communications Pro of the Future (2010 Edition) Part 1 – Digital Influence Mapping Project

The public relations discipline is changing. Social media and the complexity of our lives are conspiring to alter the job and its relevance to business. If PR evolves based upon these pressures, it will become one of the most important contributors to the health and growth of business. If we do not step up, PR may become a tactical trade applied as an embellishment to the complex marketing programs of tomorrow. Our path will largely be determined by how we tackle two big phenomena: social media and complexity

Let’s just say that I havce an expansive view of the role of the communications professional. Last year, I outlined additional responsibilities and skills that challenge the traditional PR role. While the literal term „public relations“ is even more relevant in this expanded view, the professional term may be irrevocably tarnished by images of media relations flacks – real or imagined. So, despite the chance for aliteration, we need to define the role of the „communications pro.“ In a December opinion piece for PR Week, I made the case for communications experts taking the lead on defining the brand and the strategy for engaging „publics“ amidst an all-discipline, 360 approach. That means – in some cases – that with advertising creatives, digital marketers, store marketers and others around the planning table, it may be the communications experts who need to lead the strategy. This year, we have seen the rise of importance of communications (vs. marketing) in big global campaigns for brands.

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